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Tuner IC TEA6842H suitable for some car receivers.


New In Car Entertainment car radio tuner IC with Precision Adjacent Channel Suppression (NICE-PACS).

The TEA6842H is a single IC with car radio tuner for AM, FM and Weather Band (WB) intended for microcontroller tuning with the I2C-bus. It provides the following functions:

AM double conversion receiver for LW, MW and SW (31 m, 41 m and 49 m bands) with IF1 = 10.7 MHz and IF2 = 450 kHz

FM double conversion receiver with integrated image rejection for IF1 and for IF2 capable of selecting US FM, US weather, Europe FM, East Europe FM and Japan FM bands fully integrated dynamic selectivity at 450 kHz FM IF2 FM demodulator with dynamic threshold extension centre frequency alignment of IF2 selectivity via the I2C-bus

The tuning system includes VCO, crystal oscillator and PLL synthesizer on one chip.

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