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Hands-free system for equipping navigation systems with Bluetooth

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICE OR OF THE EQUIPMENT: Latest novelty in the integrated telephony market for VolksWagen, Skoda and SEAT. Basic Plus type kit that equips your vehicle with the FISCON telephone system, with the same features as the original system, superior in some points and at a significantly lower cost.

Simple and intuitive installation of components, with Plug & Play connections, custom wiring for each point, with a guided manual in Spanish. It also does not require bases, adapters or accessories for the operation of the telephone system.

The original telephone system is integrated with the different equipment of the vehicle, with great versatility, thanks to Bluetooth technology. This technology allows communication between the phone and the vehicle without the need to connect the phone to an adapter, external antenna or offset for signal processing.

Microphone included, with recommended installation in the upper left A-pillar, with signal processing for noise and echo reduction, adjustable up to 16DB

Exclusive reading and replying of short SMS messages.

The kit adds to the functions of the instrument panel display, the pressure increase in bars, the oil temperature in ºC, the fuel capacity until the next refueling and the speed in Km / h (Only for vehicles with red display)

High-performance wireless Bluetooth communication, controlled by the latest generation FISCON control unit with DSP and CAN-BUS, included. AudioStreaming available via A2DP to transfer music to the infotainment system (entertainment) of the vehicle.

Unlimited upgradeable telephony unit.

It allows control from the multifunction steering wheel, the information will be shown on the central display of the MFA instrument panel if it has one and on the screen of the RNS-510 navigation system or RCD-510 radio.

Important note: Vehicles that are not equipped with a multi-function steering wheel (MFSW) do not support the guided menu displayed on the MFA screen in the instrument cluster. However, the system will show the MFA display the identification of the call (depending on the type of mobile). In case the number you call is not stored in the phonebook, the number will be presented in the MFA. Without a multifunction steering wheel, you will have to operate the telephony directly from the screen of your RNS-510 or RCD-510 radios.

Attention: This type of KIT should only be used with the original RNS-510 touch screen navigation systems (not suitable for the previous MF-D2 and RN-S2, you can use the FISCOM Basic type for these models):

Volkswagen Golf 5, Jetta (1K0) Volkswagen Golf 6 (1K9), from Software 1.62 Volkswagen Tiguan (5N) Volkswagen Touran (1T) Volkswagen EOS (1F) Volkswagen Passat 3C (3C0) Volkswagen Passat CC (3C8), from Software 1.62 VolksWagen Passat (B7) Volkswagen Caddy (2K) Volkswagen Scirocco (1K8) VolksWagen Sharan (7N) VolksWagen Transporter T5 7H (only with RNS-510 or RCD-510) VolksWagen Transporter T5 7E (only with RNS-510 or RCD-510) Volkswagen Touareg (7L) GP from 2008, from Software 1.63 Volkswagen Phaeton (3D) GP from 2009 Volkswagen Polo (6R) GP from 2010 (only with RCD-510 or RNS-510) Skoda Octavia II (1Z) Skoda SuperB (3T), from SW-Index 1.62 SEAT Leon and Toledo (1P), from SW-Index 1.62 New SEAT Alhambra since 2010, from Software 1.63 With the VolksWagen and SKODA RNS-510 or RCD-510 you can see on the screen:

Phone Settings, allows to restore the default settings, BT link control or to enter / personalize the Bluetooth PIN Conversation Options, allows to automatically accept incoming calls and other options Voicemail number from the browser. Allows you to memorize the number of the corresponding operator's voice mailbox to listen to your saved voice messages Dialed Numbers displayed on the browser screen Access to the Directory viewed and editable from the browser screen View Phone Book on the browser screen View Missed Calls on the browser screen View Answered calls on the browser screen Store Current Number Dialing numbers from the own screen Accept / Make a call from the browser buttons Hang up / Reject a call from the browser buttons

The kit includes:

FISCON Basic Plus Telephone Switchboard Adjustable Microphone Instruction Manual in Spanish Online Specific Wiring Set BT-CAN-Basic Other Possibilities from the Multifunction Steering Wheel:

Accept / Reject call Select name View phone book Direct Dialing Correct Enable PTT (SDS voice recognition) for RNS-510 in combination with firmware 2660 Special adaptations by Commands from the phone:

Basic audio volume adjustable in decibels Microphone Sensitivity adjustment in decibels Modifying the Bluetooth Pass-Key PIN Adjusting the volume of the telephone ringtone Adjusting the volume of telephone conversations.

Operation Visualization

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