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NADEL 10 turntable stylus

The replacement needle must have the same shape as the one shown in the image, if in doubt contact us.

Diamond needle valid for the following models:

Aiwa: STYLUS 5.
Akai: APB3, LMB12, LMB5, RS41, RS5.
Ariston: Forte, Icon, Q-Deck.
Diatone: 3D-MM1, 3D-MM2.
Dual: 505, CS515, CS430, CS505-2, CS505-3, CS503-5, CS503-2, CS505, CS505-4, CS5000, DN165E, DN166E, DN167E, DN168E, DN20NE, ULM65E, ULM66E, ULM67E, ULM68E.
Mitsubishi: 3D-MM1, 3D-MM2.
NAD 5120
Ortofon: (NO para PRO) CL10, CL20, CL30, CONCORDE, OM, OMT, TM A29, OM3, OM5E, OMT5E, OM7, OM10, OM20, OM30, OM40 y cartuchos Concorde.

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