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Turntable Stylus EPS 24 CS

Replacement needle for the following models:

JVC: ALE500, DT62, W500CD, W600CD, W700CD, W900CD.

TECHNICS PANASONIC: CDX10, CDX30, CDX50, EPS23CS, EPS24CS, EPS25CS, EPS27CS, HD52, P23, P24, P25, P27, P28, SL5, GTNRP1, HD52, P23, P24, P25, P27, P28, SL3, SL5, SLB1200, SLB210, SLBD20, SLBD21, SLBD22, SLD3, SLDL1, SLH350, SLJ100R, SLJ110R, SLJ7, SLJ90, SLJ90R, SLJS16R, SLN15, SLQ21, SPC28CS, TYPE 10, TYPE 20 E, TYPE 30 E, U25, X1, X3, X33, X5D, X77, X7D, X800, X820, X830, X840, X860, X900, X920, X930, X950, X980D, Z11, Z15 , Z150 , Z22, Z250, Z50(W), Z75.

OTRAS MODELOS: ALE500BK, SLB200, SLB202, SLB21, SLB210, SLBD20, SLBD21, SLBD22, SLD212, SLJ110R, STC1000, P30, SL3, SL7, SLB202, SLD202, SLD21, SLD210, SLD303, SLJ100R, SLJ110D, SLJ90, SLQ202.

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